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Message 4

Writing and drawing takes thinking and planning, it is fun for children and is real brain work!



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When children draw they realise that something real can be represented by a picture on paper. This is an important step for young children. It is important to encourage and support children at this stage and not to criticize their drawings and attempts at writing or to ask them to make it look better by copying yours. It takes time and practice in a safe place to develop new skills. If we laugh at children’s mistakes or embarrass them they may not feel brave enough to try again.

Help your child to think about what they want to write and then let them have a try. Always give them time to try and spell words while you guide them. If your child can already recognise some letters and the sounds each one makes, you could encourage them by saying “What sound does that word start with? Do you know how to write that letter? What sound comes next?” Never leave your child to struggle without help.

Remember that it’s important for your child to feel happy and confident in their writing ability and not to feel like they are being tested and have to get every word correct. Your child may leave out letters and spell words incorrectly and this.is fine.Your child’s writing will develop over time and so give them plenty of praise and encouragement on their journey to becoming a writer.

Praise your child’s efforts and try not to overcorrect their attempts. It’s more fun when they feel successful and when it’s fun they will practise more often and be motivated to keep writing.