Time Grade 1

Message 5

Use the TIME dice to practise counting with your child.



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Every moment is a learning moment for a young child. As you fold and make your dice, involve your child by explaining to them what you’re doing. They could help you by putting glue on the tabs that need to be stuck together and perhaps they’d like to colour the dots or decorate them.

Ask your child to roll the dice and touch the dots on the side of the dice that faces up and then help them count how many dots there are. Your child will still be learning about numbers and counting and so guide them gently while not expecting them to get it all right.

Try touching each dot, counting them with your child and then ask them to do something physical like clap hands, jump, nod their heads or tap the table top to show how many dots you counted together. For example, three dots will mean three claps or three jumps. Spend just a few minutes doing this activity. Join your child and keep it light and fun.