Time Grade 1

Message 8

Drawing and writing are important ways for your child to learn to express their thoughts and ideas. Provide them with many opportunities to do this and let them see examples of you using writing in your everyday routine. These could include writing of shopping lists, birthday cards, messages to the teacher and even cell phone text messages.

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After your child has drawn a picture ask them to talk about their picture and then to write something about their picture. Give your child a bit of time to try and spell words as you guide them but don’t leave them to struggle if they feel like they can’t. Help your child by asking them to try to write the first sound of the words.

If your child is anxious about trying to write themselves, then ask if you can write some parts of their story for them. Write their words as they speak, so that they can see each of their words being written. Talking to your child about what they are writing will make them feel that what they have to say has value and is appreciated by you. This will grow their confidence to continue writing and will help them to prepare for the skills they need to use in their school and home environments.