Time Grade R

Message 9

Children enjoy sharing their opinion and love it when the adults with them really show an interest in what they have to say. The Big picture stories give your child the opportunity to learn new words and ask questions and a chance to develop their thinking and reasoning skills.


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When you and your child are working together with the Big picture story, use the questions we provide to spark further conversation about what they see. Back and forth conversation and not ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers will help develop your child’s language skills. Also encourage your child to talk about how things in the picture remind them of their own experiences.

You could try using some of these:
What would happen if …?
Explain why you think that.
What do you think about this?
My favourite part is…Tell me about your favourite part.
This reminds me of the time when…What else does this remind you of?

It’s not always easy for a child to explain their thoughts so give them time to think about what they are seeing in the picture and to put this into words. Praise their responses even if they manage only one word answers.