Time Grade 1

Message 10

Some stories have few or no pictures for your child to look at while you are reading to them. Stories like these encourage children to imagine the details for themselves. Sit comfortably with your child and enjoy listening to the story we have recorded.

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It is important for children to learn to listen to stories without the help of pictures.

The ability to listen carefully will allow your child to hear new words, to improve how well they understand things they hear and will help with the important communication skills of speaking and reading.

When you are reading a story keep your child interested by using different tones of your voice that help them notice the exciting or sad parts or when someone else is talking. While you listen to ‘Tortoise finds his house’ notice how you can help your child to stay focused and enjoy the story. If your child has already heard this story it doesn’t matter as children enjoy hearing the same stories being told more than once.

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