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Message 10

Pretend play, for example making a shop or cooking, is a fun way to imagine what it is like to be other people taking part in different activities. Pretend play helps children to understand their world and the things that they see happening around them. It also helps children imagine different experiences that they can then talk or write about.


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Young children enjoy retelling stories through pretend play.

Playing like this helps them to think about and understand the world around them. It also helps them develop their imagination. Playing like this encourages children to imagine stories that they could tell others and eventually write down.

Pretend play will be more fun when your child has props that can go with the story they are playing. If your child pretends to make soup they could use something big and round as a soup pot and a stick could be used as a soup spoon. Small objects like leaves or pictures of vegetables could be used to stir in their pot while they pretend to cook like they have seen adults doing in their home.