Time Grade 1

Message 11

Playing board games with your child is a chance for them to have fun while they learn and spend valuable time with you. Enjoy playing the Word Bird game together!

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When you play the Word bird game your child will have to think of words that begin with different sounds. Guide them gently if they can’t think of a word. If they struggle to find a word that begins with /d/ for example, you could say: “Yes, this is /d/. Let’s look around the room and see if we can find something that starts with /d/.” Or, “Do you know anyone whose name starts with /d/? Daddy? Yes, that’s a good word! Well done. Daddy starts with /d/.”

You could encourage your child to look around the room for words or think of people’s names that they know.
Have fun with your child when you play board games together. Praise them and use encouraging words as you go along in the game.

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