Time Grade R

Message 11

“Helping your child to develop good memory skills is important for all of the learning they do both at school and at home and playing memory games is a fun way to do this. Take turns with your child to set up a memory game and see how much joy it brings them to have you take part in the game. Remember to play to have fun rather than to win.


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Did you know that the brain is a muscle and like every other muscle it needs regular exercise to keep it healthy and strong? Teaching children how to be alert and notice what they see around them is a valuable life skill and it exercises and grows their memory skills. You can play memory games informally as you go about your daily tasks.

Tell your child to look carefully as you walk home from school. Note a few specific things on the walk. When you get home ask your child, “Do you remember what colour the car that drove past us was?” “ We walked past Aunty Mina’s house. What colour is Aunty Mina’s house?” “Did we have to cross a road to get home?