Time Grade 1

Message 12

Drawing and writing are important ways for your child to learn to express their thoughts and ideas. Give them many opportunities to do this. Let your child notice examples of writing around them and let them see how you use writing in your everyday routine. These could include writing of shopping lists, birthday cards, messages to the teacher and even cell phone text messages.

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Encourage all of your child’s attempts at writing because they are learning to communicate what they are thinking about or what they are feeling. Show your interest and talk positively to your child about their writing.

This will make them feel that what they have to say has value and is appreciated by you. Think of ways that your child can have opportunities to write. They could make cards, write simple letters, write their names on their book covers or help you write shopping lists. Always give your child a chance to try and write their words on their own.

You can write difficult words on paper for them to copy if they struggle. Encourage your child so that they want to write and give them many opportunities to do so.