Time Grade 1

Message 17

Drawing is the first step to writing. Encourage and guide your child by talking about what they are going to draw.

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Sometimes your child will ask for help when they draw a picture. They might feel like they can’t draw well enough or that you could draw the picture better than they can. Help your child by using words and language that will let them imagine what they want to draw. If your child feels uncertain about drawing themselves in winter clothes you can help by saying things like “Let’s imagine or look at what you want to draw.

Do you have a round head or an oval head? Can you draw that? Are you wearing a warm hat on your head? What colour is it? Can you add that to your picture?” Your child is still learning and may not draw exactly what they imagined they wanted to draw. Always encourage them and praise their efforts. Controlling a pencil and putting your ideas onto paper takes time and practice.