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Who developed the TIME programme?

TIME was developed by leading NGOs and will reach families through collaborative NGO and government partnerships.

What areas of early childhood development does TIME focus on?

TIME builds foundational language, mathematics and life skills.

How many resources packs will be available in 2021?

TIME resource packs will be available for each term for Grade R and Grade 1.

What languages is TIME available in?

 TIME is currently available in Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa.  We plan to have materials in isiZulu by Term Two.

Why is TIME not available in other languages?

This is just a matter of budget. We are very keen to make high quality versions of TIME in all SA languages.  Please be in touch if you can assist or fund the necessary translation and production involved.

Why is this programme called TIME?

Can more schools join TIME?

Yes, from TERM TWO.  Three steps

  1. Secure school buy in 
  2. Secure funding for resources.  

Either bulk printing through project 

  • First pack R12,50 per child (contains poster and folder) 
  • Subsequent term packs R10 per child. 

OR We provide you with print PDFs.

Complete application form on website to secure delivery of materials and support systems.  Click here

How do I indicate my interest in participating in the programme?
How can I access print quality pdfs for businesses and schools to print?
How do I order packs for my network?
I would like to sponsor packs to be distributed by the Department of Education and NGOs. How do I do this?
I am worried that parents will not have the qualifications to do the programme at home

The good news is that parents, caregivers and older siblings can play an important role in supporting children’s early learning.   TIME offers a simple set of ‘mini-lessons’ for parents to do at home with their children. The materials will guide parents to spend a structured 20 – 30  minutes with their child, following clear steps every day.

Why does TIME focus on Grade R and Grade 1

Grade R and Grade 1 children continue to miss far too much essential teaching time.  We are concerned that these young ones are particularly at risk since this is when they would have been taking their first steps as readers and writers.

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