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TIME Activity Packs

Grade R and Grade 1 


Click here to view, download or print TIME Activity Packs.  Each pack provides daily activities for a term to build Language, Mathematics and Life Skills with Grade R and Grade 1 learners. Read More


TIME Guidance

How to use TIME with children


Click here for resources on how to use TIME with children.  Especially useful for parents, caregivers and community volunteers.

Time Support Messages

All Messages by Grade and Language


Click here to find the accumulated TIME support messages for Grade R and 1 in the Afrikaans, isiXhosa, and English languages.

More about TIME

Includes Questions & Answers


Click here for an orientation video to the TIME Programme and a selection of frequently asked questions.  Especially useful for teachers, officials, NGOs etc…


How can I also support?


Click above for the many people and organisations who have contributed to this programme and the materials. 

A big thank you to everyone.

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