In 2021 TIME packs reached over 50,000 homes via 3,000 supporters – teachers, officials and NGO staff and 8 districts, 28 organisations, 232 schools and centres.

We were excited that the WCED 100 Schools Project decided to use the TIME materials, printing the packs through departmental procurement processes, using TIME’s open source print pdfs and specifications.

 In addition to the packs we printed centrally, we are aware that a number of individual families, schools and projects chose to print independently.  

This fantastic achievement would not have been possible without partnership.

A big thank you to all the organisations listed below for your contributions to sponsor and support the TIME programme in 2022

Thank you!


  • Beautiful Gate SA
  • The Bitou 10 Foundation
  • Capespan We Care
  • Community Outreach Program Trust
  • Early Inspiration
  • Foundation for Community Work
  • ITEC
  • Lebone Centre
  • Literacy Bridge
  • Mellon Educate
  • Layita Foundation
  • Let’s Read Together
  • Ordinary People
  • Principals’ Academy Trust
  • The Reading Room
  • Shine Literacy
  • UCT, Schools Development Unit
  • Western Cape Education Department and District Offices
  • Wordworks
  • WCED @Home Learning Yeboneer Project

The TIME Programme

Developed in Partnership for Partnership

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